Having all figured out…

So, as my general knowledge of the world has grow as I have gotten older, I have felt more and more disenfranchised in the current political system. This is probably a super cliche sentence, but I feel most elected people in almost no way represent my values, or the values or best interests of most people. It seems like our world and nation have been trending towards more complexity, and politicians are so quick to throw out their solutions. As soon as someone starts acting like they have it all figured out, I immediately know they do not have it all figured out. Black and white statements and rigid solutions have no place in my world. I appreciate the nuance. I appreciate trail and error and keeping what works and stopping what doesn’t.

I know the word anarchy gets a bad wrap, but it is the only political idea I have encountered that embraces an attitude of “we don’t have it all figured out, but let’s start getting active now and evaluate as we go”. We don’t have it all figured out, but let’s figure it out together. Mistakes will be made, great things will happen, and it will be fluid. I am aware this is just another ideal, and that is not how things work in the real world.

As I have sought out more information on anarchy I have encountered the idea of autonomy, which I had heard before but never really understood. From the dictionary, autonomy is:

  1. the quality or state of being self-governing

  2. self-directing freedom and especially moral independence

  3. a self-governing state

That all sounds great, but it just a utopian fantasy? In the US, we can’t get everyone to participate in an election; how do we get everyone involved more locally. I don’t have any answers, mostly just more questions. Is the US far too big to be a single autonomous zone? Is a state too big? What stops people from rising to power and becoming complacent? Are we so far removed from being organized locally that it is impossible to reign it in? What do different autonomous zones interacting with each other look like? I feel like a lot has been written/spoken about this and hopefully I can turn up some answers as I continue to learn.

We humans have looked to people in positions of power to guide us and save us for so long, can we shift away from that? I feel like most of us can’t even imagine it, let along think it is possible and try it.



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