Trickle Down

Just some quick thoughts. I just finished reading “The New Jim Crow”. There is so much in there, so much to digest and process. So much to pass on. I will probably write/reference this book many times, but one last idea that stuck with me(probably becuase it was in the last section that I read today): racial justice doesn’t trickle down. Just like trickle-down economics has proven to be total junk, the idea that a few success people of color can get ahead and enable all people of color to triumph is junk. To put too much weight on the few successes can undermine the awareness that systemic change needs to happen to really make a lasting change. It is especially heartbreaking to see successful people champion the idea of hard work and being tough on crime and pulling yourself out of poverty while failing to acknowledge or change any of the oppressive systems. If we don’t address the militarization of our police, the prison industrial complex, and the war on drugs all at once, all of these issues will continue to perpetuate and oppress mainly people of color.


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